Why did you build Lapse? 🧡

Today’s social media giants compel us to curate our lives for likes from strangers and to compete with friends for followers. We’ve been so caught up in that game, we forgot the real reason we signed up in the first place. We built Lapse as a reminder that taking and sharing memories doesn’t have to be like this.

What is Lapse? ℹ️

Lapse is an app which turns your iPhone into a disposable camera. Add the shutter to your Lock Screen for one-tap true film aesthetic, connected to a friends only photo journal.

What is Early Access? 💌

We work tirelessly to build an app you adore. This takes time, so whilst we iron things out we’re in Friends only Early access. This means that you can only join if you have friends on Lapse or you invite yours. This ensures everyone has the best experience when you get into the app.

Is Lapse free? 💸

Lapse is totally free. We don’t run ads or sell your data - unlike other platforms.

Why do you need camera/contact permissions? 🤳

In order to use the camera we require camera permissions. We require photo library access, so you can save your photos. We also ask for contacts permissions to help connect you with friends. We encrypt your contacts on device, and only store the encrypted hashes for maximum security. Allowing contacts permissions is always optional.

Is Lapse on Android? 🤖

We are currently iOS only. Please do not download any “Lapse” apps from the Google play store, these are fake.

Privacy & safety 🔒

We care deeply about our community’s privacy and safety. Your details, photos, journal and albums are only viewable by friends. Your display name, profile picture and selects are visible to anyone. You can unfriend, block and report in app. We use AI moderation tools to flag and prevent photos which violate our terms of service making it to our servers.

You cannot use the app if you are under the age of 13.

✍️ Managing your account

You can manage and delete your account from the user settings in app. We require you to verify the phone number you signed up with for security reasons.

friends not followers
Huge pressure is placed on capturing and broadcasting ourselves online.
Inspired by film photography, Lapse is designed to reclaim how we take and share memories.
A camera for living in the moment and a private photo journal for friends, not followers.
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